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A Few Things I Don’t Know, and a Few Things I Do Know

Fident Family – this is a non-public page, only accessible by direct link access. I recorded a video below (about 11 minute run time) regarding the most recent market movements. Click below to watch, and then scroll down further for a few more resources.

A brief list of things that I don’t know – and no one really knows

A brief history of bear markets

A few things we do know:

  1. Focus on the overlap of things we can control and things that matter
  2. Remember the cyclical nature of markets – buy/greed, fear/sell is what too many people do. If people are getting out now, they then need to know also when to get back in.
  3. It’s okay to feel the fear – just don’t get paralyzed by it

A good read I came across this morning:

Irrelevant Investor – Everybody’s Talking About It

Behavior Gap sketches referenced

A partial list of things to do that are better than watching the markets and your portfolios:

  1. Take a walk
  2. Hang out with your kids
  3. Read a book
  4. Drink a delicious cup of coffee in the middle of the day
  5. Wash your car, slowly
  6. Go for a drive
  7. Go play golf
  8. Go watch a sunset
  9. Stop checking social media
  10. Take a nap

Look – it IS scary. And there’s a lot we don’t know. But I am being professionally candid and telling you that the best thing we can do right now is to hold the course.

As always – I’m available. Never hesitate to reach out if you need to chat about your personal situation.