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Calibrating Capital

I post weekly over at Calibrating Capital – so if you want to get a better feel for what I, and Fident, are all about, this would be a great site to check out (and perhaps subscribe to the weekly emails). Follow the link below: Calibrating Capital

Meaning of Fident

Fident is, in a very technical definition, the third-person plural future active indicative of the Latin verb fīdō.  Fido means to trust, to put confidence in, or to rely upon (which may explain it’s popularity among our K-9 companions). Fident < ‘fɪdɛnt >: to trust, to put confidence in. When clients are choosing a financial advisor, they are…
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How Financial Advisors Get Paid

One of the extremely gray areas of the financial services industry is how financial advisors are paid. Even defining who actually is a financial advisor isn’t super clear with so many different job titles and folks calling themselves financial advisors. Other financial professionals – such as CPAs and estate attorneys – have straight-forward compensation: you…
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Defining the Why of Investing before the How

A lot of times when an individual starts talking with a financial advisor, they have a certain investing idea or goal in mind – such as starting a Roth IRA, rolling over a 401k, or saving for their kids’ future college costs.  Other times they want a specific investment idea – such as which mutual…
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